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Staff Bio's

Dennis G. Elmer, DVM
Dr. Elmer graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995 at the tender age of 23. He took advantage of the Veterinary Scholars program to graduate with his bachelors and doctorate in only 5 years.

During his externship Dr. Elmer had the good fortune to travel to Tanzania and to practice Veterinary medicine there. He spent a total of eight years traveling between the States and Tanzania expanding his knowledge of medicine and surgery in each country.

His area of greatest interest has always been surgery and he has spent the last thirteen years honing his skills in the operating theater. Tackling both soft tissue and orthopedic cases with equal vigor, he has been fortunate to provide relief work for some of the busiest v eterinary hospitals in the Detroit Metro area. The heavy case loads seen at these facilities allowed him to achieve proficiency with a broad spectrum of surgical procedures.

His love of surgery has compelled him to dedicate himself full time to providing his services to his colleagues in the referral community by joining Advanced Veterinary Care Group. The Care Group has invested in state of the art equipment so that Dr. Elmer can cheerfully tackle the diverse number of surgeries that he loves to perform. The unique partnership between the referring community and the Care Group will allow Dr. Elmer to do what he loves best- fix critters!

Eric R. Larsen, DVM, MBA
Dr. Larsen graduated in 2003 with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University and also holds a Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University . Labeled the "professional student", Dr. Larsen also has his Bachelor's of Science from Michigan State as well as over 500 hours of veterinary CE.

After earning his B.S. from MSU, Dr. Larsen, finding himself broke and without good job prospects, enlisted in the United States Army serving as the Supply Sergeant for a 130-person Signal Company at Fort Hood , Texas . Following his honorable discharge from the Army, he attended Texas A&M University leaving with his MBA in Marketing. Dr. Larsen then worked as Director of Marketing for two different consumer products companies before deciding to finally follow his dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging have always been Dr. Larsen's passions.  His experience ranges the gamut from reconstructive soft tissue to orthopedic procedures.   He has extensive experience in ultrasound and radiology and is currently expanding his skill set to include magnetic resonance imaging.

Dr. Larsen participated in the development of Advanced Veterinary Care Group in order to work closely with local General Practitioners to elevate overall patient care in Michigan.  By partnering with GP's and offering modalities to augment their current patient care, AVCG strives to improve veterinary medical delivery and case outcomes.

Catherine L. Elmer LVT
Catherine’s interest in veterinary medicine started in her sophomore year of high school. She worked as a kennel attendant but quickly moved to assistant work once her talents were recognized by the Veterinary staff. Her original intention was to be a Veterinarian. Then she learned an amazing thing- being a veterinary technician allowed her to focus all of her attention to hands on experiences with the patient. She then redirected her training and schooling to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She never has looked back from that choice.

Catherine went through the Wayne State/ Wayne County Community College Technician Program. She excelled in Ultrasound and continued her education with multiple continuing education programs for extended ultrasound training. She loves surgery and recently in extensive training on our new MRI.

Outside of work Catherine surrounds herself with animals by owning two large Maine Coon cats and two large mixed breed rescues. Her Marine brother had to go to Iraq and the pups were in need of a good home. She also enjoys painting, quilting, and entertaining with family and friends. Her goal as an LVT is to utilize all of her technical skills to achieve the best medical outcomes possible for the pets in her care. She has a passion for learning and will continue her education as needed to increase her knowledge of her chosen profession.

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