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Dr. Razza saved my cat’s life. The whole staff was prompt, thorough, professional, compassionate, and intentional. Their calm and professional demeanor as they explained everything to us was so helpful towards calming down a very stressful situation. My derpy boy can continue on bringing joy with a long and healthy life thanks to the team at Advanced.
Brian Ambrozy

I have a 3 month old Staffordshire Bull terrier and she slipped on ice and broke her leg. Her vet said that she needed surgery and everywhere we were sent was in the 5000$ range. Then we heard about this surgery center and they were able to get us in within a week and the cost was less then half of what we were quoted EVERYWHERE else. It was a great experience (not the arm but dealing with the employees here) and I would recommend EVERYONE I know that has a pet that needs surgical intervention to bring them here. It’s about your pet not the money here! I also was told to make a follow up with them for 2 weeks to remove the stitches. I can’t say enough Thank You’s to everyone that took such good care of our baby girl Aura! So one more time, Thank you! The Millers

Sarah Miller

They treated my little Butterscotch like the prince he is. Got all the bone cancer, and were just generally super nice to work with. Butterscotch misses the tail, but he’s very happy to be alive.

Steven Schaaf

In our family’s time of need, Advanced Veterinary Care Group came through 100%. Our Frenchie puppy fell down the stairs and broke her arm (during the height of the pandemic). We called over 20 places and the earliest she could be seen was three weeks out. We were scared and helpless. We gave AVCG a call and they got her in immediately (next day) and their service was phenomenal. So thankful for AVCG!
Alicia Schomaker

I have used this office for three separate knee surgeries and two ultrasounds for my dogs and the service is wonderful every time! The staff is kind, knowledgeable, efficient and my dogs were treated incredibly well. I couldn’t ask for a better experience and will always trust them with my pets!
Sydney Rufenacht

Dr Elmer is exceptional at what he does. The staff was very friendly and understanding as well. Highly recommend them if your pet needs this level of care an surgery
J Heiler

My dog Annie of 12 years old was very sick and going downhill very fast. My wife took her to a vet hospital and told her that her spline had cancer and needed to be removed and was going to be $8000.00. She needed emergency surgery right away. She was pretty much unresponsive. My wife called me all upset and was asking what we should…. put her down? I said call Advanced where we had a procedure done on are other dog some years ago. They said bring her down right away. The price was a fraction of what they gave us. Annie had to stay overnight and the next day she was back home and when I arrived home from work that day she got up to greet me waged her tail once and went laid back down. She’s been fine since! Thank You Advanced!!
John S.

Had my rescue Rufus who is an English bulldog have his nostrils enlarged, soft pallet shorten and neuter done here. They were the ONLY place who was able to do all 3 procedures at the same time within a week once I called. The other 2 vets who do this surgery were booked months in advace. This place is a couple hundred dollars more than Wilson who gave me a quote. But I rather pay more and get my boy done rather than waiting months on end. His surgery was successful! Breathing 100 times better now! Has so much energy now that he can actually breath. Thank advaced vet care group! His recovery was amazing too due to use of co2 lazer. Pictured is Rufus the day I picked him up from surgery. Even put a cute heart on his bandage.
Shelby Rein

Where do I start? They did such amazing work on my bulldogs. My Khaos loves everyone there. I ended up having nares & soft palate done as well. I noticed a difference immediately. I can’t speak highly enough for the staff and the drs. Dr Elmer listened and addressed all my questions. The staff is so sweet. Khaos loves his buddy Miss Ashley. They treated my kiddos like their own. So much love and compassion from all of them. So happy I found this place.

Khaos had his second surgery for his nares and palate. They are just fantastic here. Next his brother odin will have that same surgery. Waiting for his appointment 🥰


april southern

The service and care and that we got with our Bella‘s leg amputation was beyond superior! The knowledge of the doctors and surgeons was phenomenal! Would recommend this place 100%.
Stacie Messner

Took my dog here for a mass removal near her rectum. We’ve had it removed twice before at other places, each time it would start to re-grow within 6 months-year. What could have been a very unpleasant third-time process was a breeze. The healing process was a bit intensive—her sutures had to be redone because it was difficult to keep the area dry—but in the end, she did heal. Its been over a year. This clinic is the only one which has been able to remove the mass without it growing back. I highly recommend.
Amanda Woods

Dr Mccoy was great at answering my questions and providing caution regarding recovery for my pup. My pup has had a long road to recovery but qe are getting there and I am thankful to have Dr Mccoy on her team.
Jessica Kowalczyk

had a great experience here with my shar pei apollos eye surgery
angel bauer